Bulgarian Apparel Services

Supply-chain and production management

About us

Bulgarian Apparel Services Ltd.

was established in 2002 with the main purpose of rendering assistance to foreign customers for the production of their orders in Bulgaria.

Our experience gained throughout the years and our contacts give us opportunity to offer at presents to our clients full package of services in the field of production of garments both on the territory of Bulgaria and in the neighboring Romania, Macedonia, Serbia.

Our long-year contacts with manufacturers of garments, suppliers and manufacturers of fabrics and auxiliary materials allow us offering competitive prices of the end products and short lead times.

Contact details

Bulgarian Apparel Services Ltd.
4 Bistrica Str.
7020 Rousse, Bulgaria
Office phone: +359 82 823441
e-mail: office@apparelservices.eu

Supply Management

Acceptance of fabrics and auxiliary materials supplied by the client. Provision of storehouse facilities, qualitative and quantitative control, allocation by production orders and production units of the fabrics and auxiliary materials supplied by the client or suppliers determined by the client.

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Development of patterns

Elaboration of patterns by sample or by parameters assigned by the client.

CAD/CAM services

Converting, grading, duplicating and plotting of client’s patterns.

Delivery Management

Delivery of fabrics and auxiliary materials. Organization of the delivery of fabrics and auxiliary materials to the productions units from suppliers specified by clients or by parameters agreed with the client.

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Organization of production

Allocation of production orders to factories according to the requirements of the client for quality and terms for production, interim and final quality control.

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Organization of export

Organization of transport for delivery of the ready products to the storehouse facilities, specified by the client.